How easy is it to transfer your existing site to Drupal?How easy is it to transfer your existing site to Drupal?

Digital Immersion's Drupal sites include a variety of fantastic add-on modules to facilitate easy transfer of content.  All of our sites include the CKeditor module that allows you to literally copy and paste content from your old website into the editor window.  The editor will keep the html code including fonts, colors, and images!  This means most pages can be transferred in a matter of seconds!  To copy a page from your old site to your new Drupal site simply do the following:

  1. Navigate to the page on your old website you would like to transfer
  2. Click and drag your mouse cursor over the content you would like to copy.  This will probably be the entire page.
  3. Right-click and choose "copy"
  4. In the Digital Immersion easy interface, click add to add a new page. 
  5. Scroll down to the wysiwig editor (where you enter content) and place your cursor in the editor box.  Right-click and choose paste.  Your content should appear in the box.  Click save.

    If your images were stored someplace where they can continue to live (such as a third party site like photobucket), you're done!!  If they are on your old webhost, proceed below to transfer them over to our server.
  6. On your old website, right-click on one of the pictures on your old site and copy the image location. 
  7. Return to the page you are editing on your new Drupal site and scroll to the area Image Upload below the WYSIWIG editor.  Click Browse next to the first blank box. 
  8. A dialogue box will appear that will allow you to select the image to upload.  You can either choose an image that is on your local system or you can paste in the web address to the image you wish to transfer.  Click on open.
  9. Click on upload.  The image should upload and a thumbnail of the image should appear along with a new button, insert.
  10. Click in the WYSIWYG editor box to place the cursor where you would like to insert the image.  Click insert to place the image in the box. 
  11. Don't forget to save the page at the very bottom when you're done!