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Are your websites really just 20 a month?  How if that possible? 
We have designed a custom interface for the award winning Drupal CMS that makes it easy for the average person to log in and change their website with no experience.  We provide free technical support and an hour of in-shop setup assistance, usually enough time to get a simple website up and working.

Websites include tools usually found on sites costing thousands of dollars including the ability to do galleries, blogs, an online store, an event calendar, send email newsletters, and a lot more.   Hundreds of customizable templates are available.

How many pages are included?
Sites allow unlimited pages and include 2-3 dozen common ones that are preconfigured with filler content to help you get started.  Simply change the content and choose "publish."

What exactly is Drupal?
Drupal is an award winning website engine or "content management system" that has thousands of free 3rd party add on modules that add website functionality.  Drupal is one of the most powerful systems in the world and is run by large-scale websites like Whitehouse.gov, Forbes, Intel, and the BBC.  Drupal is a system where you can log in to your website and change it's content without any extra software, anything to download, anywhere you want, any time you want.  

What if I don't want to change my site myself and prefer to have you do it?
Some companies prefer to have us, the Drupal specialists, set up, maintain, and edit their websites for them.  We can do this for you for $85/hr after the initial two free hours.  Remember, if you ask us for help editing the site yourself, it's always included in the free technical support.  

How much are your domain names?
If you do not already have a domain name you can purchase a domain through us for $20 a year.  If you already have one or prefer to purchase one elsewhere simply set the nameservers to NS1.DIGITALIMMERSION.INFO and NS2.DIGITALIMMERSION.INFO.  

How many different "looks" can my website have?  
At present we have over 300 templates pre installed for you to choose from and another 300-500 available by request.  Templates can be radically changed using custom CSS code to suit the look and feel or your organization.  Many customers use some of their 2 hours of free set up time to have us customize their template per their specifications.  This proves to be an extremely cost effective approach to getting a powerful custom website up and running and is one of the reasons our websites are a fraction of the price of many of our competitors.  

Can I have email addresses at my domain?
Yep!  Our email system lets you have multiple email addresses at your domain.  You can check email using common email clients like outlook, macmail, thunderbird, and even your iphone or blackberry.  We also have a webmail client you can check from any browser.

My business or organization has a lot of similar competitors, can you help me get a good search engine/google ranking?
Yes, Drupal is excellent for search engine optimization.  All of our sites include a detailed checklist of the things to check on your site for optimal ranking including a list of add on modules to make sure are enabled so that 3rd party SEO tweaks can be utilized as well.  If SEO is important to you, you are in the right place!

I hear Drupal has over 6,000 free add on modules, do you really support all of them?  What does free tech support mean?
There are over 6,000 Drupal add on modules, many providing cutting edge website technology, and as such we can only provide limited support on ones we're not familiar with.  We are familiar with the ones needed to set up galleries, an online store, send email lists, have blogs and news pages, content teasers, audio/music pages with podcasting, RSS feeds... and dozens of other fundamental website functions.  On modules we are not familiar with we will do our best to help and can always at least refer you to these modules documentation.  As our number of customers running a particular module increases and we become famliar with it, we work it into our core group of highly supported modules.