Feature Overview and Tour - What do you want on your website pizza?Feature Overview and Tour - What do you want on your website pizza?

A quick look at some Drupal websites that use these functions:
  • Gallery
  • Blog
  • Calendar
  • Store
  • Guestbook

All screenshots are Digital Immersion websites.  On each page you can simply view images of each feature or you can use the space provided to actually submit a question about that type of feature.  On the last page you will have a chance to submit the entire questionaire.  

This interactive tour will show you some of Digital Immersion's website features.  As you view these features, you may check the box above each feature if you are interested in more information and possibly implementing this feature into your website. 

At the end of this interactive tour you will be given an opportunity to input your email address to receive more info on the features you have chosen.  All input is optional.  You do not need to check any boxes or  input any user information to take the tour.

Your Digital Immersion site automatically includes 100s of incredible features built in, preconfigured, and ready to go!  All sites include unlimited pages, an easy interface that allows either you or our crack staff to update your site, dozens of speciality features you won't find in even much more expensive sites.  You do not need any additional software to edit your site, and you can changed edit your site from anywhere you want.  Never be stuck waiting for your web designer again!

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